Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Allah

Dear ALLAH, I cry with my hands covered up on my face , head down bowing in disgrace,
Dear ALLAH why have i wronged You when all You have done for me is right
Dear ALLAH , Why have i forgotten You in my time of need ,
Dear ALLAH, why have i thought of myself and felt so much greed.
Dear ALLAH, the puddle forming in my hands are my sins being wept slowly ,
My reflection shows as my tears grow, increasing with every word.
Dear ALLAH , will you forgive me for putting others before you?
Dear ALLAH will you forgive me for acting like a fool.
Dear ALLAH , will you forgive me?
Oh my servant verily I am with you , in hardship and in ease , Dear servant Don’t you cry, your sins out weigh the sea, dear servant I shall forgive you , for no one is as forgiving as Me.
Dear ALLAH , I couldn’t thank you enough, for the times I thought of myself , thinking i was big and tough,
Dear ALLAH, Thank You for the blessings I have received ,
Dear ALLAH , Thank You for letting me be able to believe.
Dear ALLAH, i’ve wrongged in so many ways ,
Dear ALLAH , let me stay , stay on the straight way , the way you want us to be , the way you lit for us , for us to see . the way of  straight Path

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