Friday, January 27, 2012

when did you last?

..:: When did you last......? ::.. [Written by: Zarish]

When did you last improve your Salah?
Got down on your knees made sincere ?
Paid off your debts, avoided Riba?
or advised against the sin of Zina ?

When did you last go down in Sujood?
remembered your prophet - sent upon him Durood?
Accepted Tauheed or did you refuse?
There is only One Lord -are you still confused?

When did last bring your head to the floor?
or asked about the health of your brother next door?
from Allah we come and to Allah we go...
Every Soul shall taste death -didnt you know?

When did you last think of Lord?
or picked up an obstacle up from the road?
did you read Qur'an and eventually get bored?
...but showed more exitement when your favourite team scored ...?

When did you last think of your grave ?
repented to Allah like a humble slave?
and thanked Him for everything He gave ?
Do you ever show shame for the way you behave ... ?

So listen my brother improve you Salah
pay off your debts and avoid riba!
advised against the sin of Zina !
May Allah forgive us- make sincere Dua ...

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